Urban Escape 

On a family mini-break in London, and this landscape gardener can’t switch off!  

In the urban sprawl of the city, man’s thirst for nature is clear.  The architecture and clever use of green space in the capital is impressive.  Around the financial district the old sits happily with the new: medieval churches alongside modern wonders such as the Gherkin.  It’s an exciting juxtaposition!  The urban jungle is broken up by green courtyards and living walls.  A great example of the latter can be found off Rood Lane, boasting heucheras, ferns, ivy, hedera species and bergenias.  This lush vertical blanket of flora is an antidote to the surrounding structures of glass, steel and concrete, and attracts insects and birds to the area.

The famous gardens of London such as Kew and Hampton Court are popular with tourists, especially during the school holidays.  So why not check out some of its secret gardenshttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/gardenstovisit/9942785/Londons-best-secret-gardens.html  

St Dunstan’s in the East was lying just behind my hotel.  This beautiful retreat lies within the ruins of a medieval church.  What a story this little place has to tell!  The church was first built in 1100, destroyed in the 1666 Great Fire of London and rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren, then gutted once more in the Blitz of the Second World War.  Finally it was repurposed as a beautiful public garden in 1971, designed by the City of London Architects and Parks Departments.  It later won a Landscape Heritage Award in 1976.  Today ornamental vines climb its gothic walls, while cobbled pathways and a colourful and exotic flower display makes this a true oasis for city workers and visitors in the know.

RHS Malvern Springs Flower Show 8 Days And Counting 

The first “Bank Holiday” weekend of the year is here which will give us a nice break before we hit RHS Malvern Springs Flower Show 2015 where we will be building “Cornerstone” for Pip “The Whip” Probert whose company “Outer Spaces” has designed the garden! The show is a new experience for us and we are looking forward to it !! We have got all our materials together from, plants, flat bed stone, natural reclaimed stone sinks and troughs, copings, flags sleepers etc etc !! We’ve got our usual fantastic team with us Mitchell, Adam, Nathan and not forgetting my good self!! 

From a construction point of view it’s no where near as intense as “Industrial Transitions” our 2014 RHS Tatton Park Flower 2014 project, although Adam and  believe it or not my good self will be constructing the dry stone wall !! Although we aren’t as fast as the every day dry stone walling folk we are still capable of as quality job!! Anyway a week on Monday will see us set off for Malvern and start the build !! 

On the home front we are packed up with landscaping work which is great for us but we do need the weather to improve drastically as recently it’s done nothing but rain !! 

We’ve recently started video blogging or Vlogging  and you can see our blog on Facebook and YouTube where our landscape gardener videos are receiving a lot of views and hits !! 

Have a good Bank Holiday ! 



The Chosen Ones

Over the last few weeks it’s been a little tense to say the least!! Around four weeks ago we were contacted by a lady called Laura from the charity “Perennial.org.uk”  and asked if we would be interested in building a show garden for them entitled “Perennial Legacy Garden” ! Naturally I was instantly excited and couldn’t wait to get my teeth in to getting the quote together!! Knowing I’d have to be as competitive as possible with my price I eventually submitted it and Laura asked me to speak to the designer Paul Hervey Brooke’s to discuss any queries we both may have!! Getting hold of Paul was difficult as he’s on a garden design and build project in Philadelphia but we eventually got to speak and the conversation was positive !! I spoke to Laura Tuesday and she said in not so many words “you’ve got the job”, shame it was a Tuesday otherwise a few drinks would have been in order but the weekend is never far away thankfully!! So with my team now in order I’m thoroughly looking forward to it !! As a landscape gardener its a very exciting time for us at G.K.Wilson Garden And Landscape Services Ltd !! 

Also we will be building a garden for Pip Probert but her garden is as of yet unnamed but equally we are all looking forward to what Miss Probert has in store for us at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2015 this year !! Let’s hope the weather is on a par with last years stunning effort !!

Finally landscaping on our home front is going fast and furious with work springing up all over and jobs coming, going and plenty of satisfied clients !!

Here’s a picture of Pips last show garden “The Narrows”

By for now 



Spring In Glossop Amongst Other Things

The weather in our lovely town of Glossop is warming up at a nice steady rate which is backed up with ponds full of croaking frogs and masses of frog spawn! The snow drops are on the decline which in turn is bringing the daffodils to the forefront!! We have now also got the grass putting an early spurt of growth on prompting us to get our lawn mowing and garden maintenance heads in to gear! Other good local indicators that gardens are accepting spring are Forsythia and Flowering Currant just breaking into bloom followed in perhaps a week to ten days by Amelanchier which is one of my favourite shrub/trees with its coppery foliage, creamy white flowers and later on in the year it’s Autumn foliage !! 

Wishin the last week the heather has been burnt on the moors so the Grouse can feed on the new shoots! Although a couple of weeks ago the moors were blazing out if control at the back of Tintwistle with fire crews just managing to tame the fires before they got out of hand !! 

With the lighter mornings the dawn chorus is very notable and birds are nesting here, their and everywhere! I’ll just remind you all also that the birds ar on the whole are as gardeners friend and should be encouraged with bird feeders and fat balls etc but also remember that hygiene is paramount as uneaten bird food is an open invitation for vermin! 

As far as the landscape gardener is concerned we are currently busy busy busy which has been the trend since January and I’m hoping this will keep up throughout the year!! Enough waffling here’s one of my latest pictures of a gorse (ulex) in Glossop 

Malvern Flower Show 

In around three weeks time we will be setting off down to RHS Malvern Springs Flower Show 2015 to build Pip Proberts (Outer Spaces) garden entitled “Cornerstone” ! Having never taken part at Malvern before I’m finding it quite an exciting challenge to be involved in!! Pip has now amassed all the landscaping materials she needs including a mass raid on Jason Howe reclamation yard “Glossop Stone” with natural stone sinks, troughs, stone, lintels and paving slabs !! As a landscape gardener its nice to get out of our local area and have a change of scenery ! Mitchell, Adam, Nathan and myself will be setting off on the 13th of April for a next day start with Frankie joining us later in the week to help out with the stonework! Plants, trees and shrubs will be as always provided by Catherine from Brentwood Nurseries in Irlam. As we will be only on site for a week the planting will take place at a later date nearer the time!! All together it’s looking like a fun filled April !!

Our usual day to landscaping jobs are ticking along nicely with us starting a new driveway and patio this week with almost 9 skips of spoil coming out of the driveway on Wednesday, Thursday and twenty tonnes of MOT type 1 going in for the sub base Friday this week should see a busy week of flagging !!

Have a good weekend ! 


Garden Maintenance Season Is Upon Us

After what seems like an eternity as it does every year the grass is showing the first signs of movement ! Here in not so sunny Glossop as per usual we will be looking towards the third week of March before we go get in to our full stride but of course that’s providing we don’t see anymore of the White stuff otherwise known as snow !! Garden maintenaance is something that is very seasonal and weather affected especially with the high rain fall in our valley of Glossop but I’m hoping for as a dryer spring, summer and early autumn as possible!!
This year my grass cutting round sees its twenty sixth year kick in and I still have the pleasure of having a couple of the original clients from all those years ago!!
With all the mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters hand tools all serviced we are rainy to go, so let’s hope the weather holds and keeps getting warmer so we can hit our week 3 target !!
On a slightly different note this week we find out if Pip Probert get the major sponsors on board for her proposed show garden at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2015 that we will be building for her if all goes well so good luck Pip x ! Also I’ll be submitting my tender for the 24m x 12m show garden by a major charity and hopefully I’ll get the nod !!! Two show gardens at the same show possibly ….I must be raving mad !! Oh well time will tell!!



It’s Been A While

Not been blogging for a while so I thought I’d better get the ball rolling and get some words down!!! After the success of last years gold medal and “best in show” at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2014 we will be making an attempt at a new show for us and this will be RHS Malvern Springs Flower Show when we will begin the build process in mid April also we will be hopefully at Tatton again !! At Malvern we will be working and building for Pip Probert of “Outer Spaces” based on the Wirral who incidentally we are hoping to be working with at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2015 with also !! Pip has come up with a fantastic garden design for the Malvern show and hopefully we can do well again and do our hometown of Glossop proud once again! The design for Tatton is almost complete and I can tell you there’s a chance of this one being sponsored by a big name company! So on the whole there’s plenty to look forward to show wise in 2015 !!
On the general gardening and landscaping front January has got off to a great start with a lot of work coming in via my website and my favourite way gaining clients “word of mouth” !! We have several large patio and paving projects going at the moment and a large driveway to be quoted for which all in all make for hopefully good times ahead !!
The gardens in an around Glossop are beginning to stir now with reports of the odd snowdrop poking through !! Although we’ve presently got a coating of snow things are progressing nicely!!

The Final Countdown For RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2014

This is our last weekend of Freedom the next 2 weekends and the week In between will see us manically building our garden and hopefully getting everything all done and dusted next Sunday or Monday morning at the very latest!! All our plans are coming together but still we are short of one or two items but hopefully we can source them this coming week!! The nerves are starting to get a bit jittery but hopefully they will calm on the first day!! A landscape gardener faces no bigger challenge than the one ahead of us as of Friday so I’m hoping we can all rise to the occasion and do ourselves proud!!
The other big story in Glossop has seen The Tour De France coming through
The outskirts of our town and the scenery on the television today looked stunning and just reminds us how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area with such stunning landscapes!
With most of our work grinding to a halt on Thursday teatime I’m hoping all our gardens will be safe and sound until we resume normal activities!! Also just a little message to clients past, present and future that if you would please bare with us we resume normal activities as soon as possible!!
Hoping you all have a great week and let’s hope the sun keeps shining !


RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2014 Countdown

Well it’s 10 days until the big day, Friday the 10th of July the first day of the build process!! It’s going to be a hell of mission but hopefully we can pull it off!! The pressure is building by the day and we are all waiting in anticipation !! Personally I’m hoping that the weather holds and keeps warm and dry but as we know this Manchester after all !! The pressure was blowing full tilt at the weekend with our final client brief being submitted this morning and with the odd hiccup here and there we’ve managed to get it submitted and fingers crossed it will be just right!! All the team are working really hard and not to mention our suppliers, fabricators, joiners, stonemasons and landscaping teams who are carrying out our outside work!! Many thanks go out to our local reclamation yard Glossop Stone and Jason Howe of Howe Plant And Hire!!
Tomorrow sees me off to Margate to pick up our Panacea Pod Seat which should be a trip and a half but a trip that needs to be made ! Anyway let’s commence with the proceedings and I’ll see you very soon


Industrial Transitions 2014

Well it sounds like a million miles away but we all know 18 days will pass exceptionally quickly then it will be full on pressure and not to mention stress !!! Things are coming together nicely although two key factors are still not accounted for the Betula Pendula (silver birch tree) and we’ve still got to cast the slab for the base of the main patio area!! Then we’ve got the unenviable job of polishing the concrete ! Although I’m looking forward to the whole thing it’s still a massive undertaking for all concerned! So many people have contributed to our cause and it’s appreciated and after the event I’ll thank and name everyone!!
Caroline Lord our designer has excelled herself in every department and continues to work tirelessly for our cause! The main thing is we build Caroline’s design to the potential it deserves which if all goes to plan we should be able to do her proud!!
The weeks ahead promise to be long and hard so an early night is in order as we’ve got a big decking job on the cards this week!! Here’s a picture of our design at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2014!